Home schooling classes

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Home schooling classes operate the same as our after-school programs but at a convent time during the day.

Students learn skills on the Aerial silks, Trapeze, Mini trampoline, walking globe and Gymnastic floor fundamentals.

Classes move fast, ensuring all muscle groups are being engaged, we do it in a way that students don’t realize that they are building fitness but rather having a fun, energetic, soul enriching time spent swinging, spinning, climbing, jumping and of cause flying.

Home school classes are not just about the body, it’s about socializing, making friends, building trust, reliance, perseverance and self-satisfaction when goals are reached and new friends are made. You will be amazed to see how fast your child will learn and improve on all those lovely developmental goals we wish for all our children.


Please note that all Soul Circus kids classes are subscription based, to save you time and effort each term. The amount will be adjusted to reflect the number of weeks in each term.

Payment options are available to all our students who wish to pay weekly, monthly or by the term.

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