kinder circus


Kinder classes are a great way to develop your child’s fundamental skills in a safe and controlled environment. Your child will love using their bodies to their full capacity.

Your kinder kid will develop skills and strength as they climb, hang, balance, jump, run and tumble. They will love the freedom and safety their bodies get as they explore all their gross motor skills.

Did you know that a stronger core will aid your child with not only his gross motor skills but also his fine motor skills when using small instruments such as pencils when writing and drawing?

Kinder kids love the physical, social and emotional skills they develop at Soul Circus.

You will be surprised how much added development your child gets from doing circus classes, heightening body awareness disguised in so much fun, encouragement and laughter that students won’t even know that they are developing skills for life.

preppie Solomon

Please note that all Soul Circus kids classes are subscription based, to save you time and effort each term. The amount will be adjusted to reflect the number of weeks in each term.

Payment options are available to all our students who wish to pay weekly, monthly or by the term.

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