Kids General Circus

bunny tramp

General circus classes are designed to enhance body balance, co-ordination, flexibility, and overall strength. Circus skills help students develop fundamental skills, controlling and heightening body awareness disguised in so much fun, encouragement and laughter that students won’t even know that they are developing skills for life.

Term classes focus on fun circus and Aerial skills. Classes are split into rotations of Aerial Silks, Trapeze, Tumbling, Mini trampoline and balancing activities on the tight wire or walking globes

We stretch, we dance, and we find our centre whilst balancing on apparatus’s or with each other.

We like to move fast, jump high, hang upside down, go for a swing, spin or climb,

We have a laugh and make great friends.


Please note that all Soul Circus kids classes are subscription based, to save you time and effort each term. The amount will be adjusted to reflect the number of weeks in each term.

Payment options are available to all our students who wish to pay weekly, monthly or by the term.

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