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Owner and Coach

Bronwyn Falagan

I am a local girl who fall in love with Gymnastics. I trained and competed for most of my childhood before moving to an even bigger love, of coaching the sport. (I must add it was a dream of mine to open my own gymnastics club since the age of 8 years old)
During my 20’s I discovered the flying trapeze and was employed to learn, teach and perform overseas for Club Med. This is where the gymnasts became the circus performer. I found that everything that was missing in gymnastics I found in circus.

Upon returning I secured a job at Circus Joseph Ashton, having the privilege to perform on the flying trapeze with Australia’s oldest circus family.

From here I discovered the aerial silks, working in Australia and overseas in casino’s, corporate events and stage shows. I was lucky to have a professional ten-year career doing what I loved.

After marring and having my first child I returned home to Mornington with circus performer husband Marcos Falagan to achieve together a dream that I had set my sights on at the tender age of 8 years old, little did I know at the time it would be the lovely, expressive freedom of circus rather than gymnastics.

Gymnastics is still my first love and hence for our foundations being the same, though we try to instil in our students that the circus arts is driven by the soul and strives to unleash the individual.

Owner and Coach

Marcos Falagan

Marcos Falagan had an amazing up bringing traveling the Country with his family circus, Australia’s oldest circus “Ashtons”

Marcos grew up in the ring contributing to the family business, weather that be in knockabout acts, clowning, acrobatics or assisting his Grandparents in their act.

At a tender age Marcos and his brother trained intensely in hand to hand handstands. Performing this very difficult act for many years. Marcos a master at handstands was also one of Australia’s best tightwire walkers, performing the most difficult feast of a back somersault on the tightwire.

It is a rarity and very special to have a 7th generation circus performer coaching outside of his family unit, he has not only his own life time of knowledge to pass onto his students but the secrets of performing that has been passed down to him from generation to generation.

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Aerial Coach

Rachel Sherrington

Rachel has always enjoyed being active, pursuing gymnastics and springboard diving before she was introduced to circus, which she immediately fell in love with. She now specialises in aerial silks, lyra and dance trapeze and loves nothing more than watching her students' strength, skills and confidence improve!

Rachel's passion, patience and expertise are what make her an amazing trainer for all levels of aerialists. Students love the new and inventive skills that she brings to class and her strong focus on technique, choreographing unique aerial routines that bring out the best in her students.

Rachel has completed a number of courses to enhance her coaching and repertoire, which is evident in her skill set and the content of her classes. She is currently undertaking further study as a circus trainer through Ecole Nationale de Cirque in Montreal.

junior coaches

Junior Coaches

We pride ourselves on encouraging our older students to embark on a path to coaching the next generation of Soul circus students. We love the mentor system we have in place guiding our junior coaches as they become amazing role models for our younger students.

Through our program Junior coaches’ coach alongside senior coaches for no less than 12 months as they learn and develop all the necessary skills to becoming a Soul circus trainer.

Our junior trainers also attend coaching courses throughout the year to further educate themselves on the safety and wellbeing of circus arts.

Junior coaches are assisted on a regular bases so that they can develop into confident well-educated circus trainers that we hope will graduate to taking their own classes at Soul circus.

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