apparatus specialties


We suggest taking a general circus class before embarking on specialist classes to build up strength and familiarity of the apparatus.


Aerial silks: A beautiful apparatus of flowing fabric suspended from the ceiling.

Aerial Silk (Also known as Tissu, aerial contortion, aerial ribbons or fabric) is a type of apparatus in which one or more artist perform Aerial acrobatics while hanging from a special fabric. Using the fabric to wrap, suspend, fall, swing and spiral into and out of various positions.

An extremely expressive Aerial apparatus.




Lyra or Aerial hoop is a circular steel apparatus suspended from the ceiling. Aerial Lyra is a spinning hoop that is great for all levels and ability. Students will learn skills and combinations that will develop strength in both the arms and legs at the same time building on their flexibility. Once skills are developed, combinations and dance routines will follow on this graceful expressive apparatus.


Aerial silks and Trapeze combo

Classes covering both trapeze and silks are being held as students work to obtain fitness after the 2020 big pause.


We offer both static and dance trapeze during trapeze classes to cover a range of movements in the lesson. Static trapeze is suspended by two points where as dance trapeze is suspended from one to give the opportunity to spin and pirouette whilst performing Aerial moves. Dance trapeze is suspended lower to the floor so that at all times one is able to touch the mat, aiding in the beauty of the apparatus. Students learn skills and combinations on both the ropes and under and over the bar. Challenges are a many on one of the oldest of circus apparatus.


Focusing largely on the tightwire, a gentle apparatus that takes patients, persistence and focus. This is a great apparatus for those students that wish to horn in on their balancing skills. Students will learn to balance on different apparatus, from globe walking, unicycling, stilt walking and the Tightwire. No experience is necessary but a drive to challenge oneself with great rewards is needed.


Please note that all Soul Circus kids classes are subscription based, to save you time and effort each term. The amount will be adjusted to reflect the number of weeks in each term.

Payment options are available to all our students who wish to pay weekly, monthly or by the term.

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